Give about your safety

Just like Filer does

Secure account

Users create an account with an e-mail address in combination with a password which stays secret, even for Filer

Leading encryption

Filer makes use of the newest encryption algorithms such as AES-256 bit encryption in combination with PBKDF2 SHA-512 and salted hashing for complete security


Filer protects each file with an extra unique encryption-key so that each file has it's own extra level of security

SSL connections

By making use of SSL connections, a secure data transfer is made possible between the users of the Filer and its servers

Two-step authentication

Filer adds an extra level of security to your data by making use of a two-step authentication

Authorised handshakes

Filer forces several authorised handshakes in order to authenticate the connection, so you can carelessly make use of the Filer platforms